Symons Scaffolding System

Symons Junior Frames & Accessories

Junior end frames are constructed of high yield strength steel tubing. Rated safety factor is 4 to 1, frame legs are 1.25” O.D. with wall thickness of .086”. Center vertical strut and all horizontal rails are 1” O.D. with wall thickness of .076”

Symons junior frames are recommended for platform heights up to 40 feet and loads of 25 pounds per square foot. Lateral support should be provided when heights exceed 16 feet.

Low cost and lightweight, easy handling make these junior frames well suited to the needs of painters, plasters, carpenters and industrial and institutional maintenance personnel. Junior frames are not designed for either shoring or material storage.

Symons Horizontal Bracing

May be used as guard rails and in some applications as as replacement for cross braces, but are generally used to provide additional stability on erected towers. Constructed of 12” O.D. tubular steel with .076” sidewall, all horizontal braces are interchangeable with Symons standard scaffolding.

Symons Junior Adjustable Screw Jack

Allows finer adjustment in height – up to 12 inches – to level frames and obtain fractional – foot adjustments. This adjustable jack will fit over either the junior base plate or the junior wheel caster.

Symons Junior Base Plates

Distributes leg load over a 6” x 6” bearing area, providing affirm footing and protecting frame leg. Two holes permit convenient nailing to wood sill. Junior Base Plates may be used with or without the junior adjustable screw jacks.

Symons Junior Wheel Casters

Are easily substituted for base frames whenever rolling scaffolding is required. Equipped with a foot lever brake that locks the wheel and swiveling action into place, the junior wheel casters can also be used with junior adjustable screw jacks to assemble rolling towers per local codes and rule “N” of the scaffolding and shoring institute’s scaffolding safety rules. The 5” diameter, rubber wheel junior casters are rated with a safety factor of 4 to 1 for an allowable rolling load of 500 pounds per caster. Ball bearing wheels provide smooth, easy rolling action in just about any light scaffolding application.

Symons Junior Extension Bracket

Easily and instantly attach to junior frames at any horizontal level, extending working platforms a full 12 inches.

Symons Junior Guard Rail system

Is the labor saving solution to worker safety. Junior guard rail end frame features braces and rails welded into a single unit – workers handle only one piece instead of four, no separate end rails required. Junior guard rail post firmly secures top and mid-rails required by OSHA.

Both the junior guard rail end frame and the junior frames and may be used with the horizontal brace listed above.

Symons High Yield Tubular Steel Cross Braces

Assure maximum stability. Constructed of 1” O.D. tubular steel with .076” sidewall, most braces are interchangeable with either junior frames or Symons Heavy-duty shoring. Center-riveted in pairs for rapid set-up, all cross braces are coded to indicate stud and frame spacing for easy identification.

Symons Horizontal Braces

May be used as guard rails or in lieu of cross braces. Constructed of 1” O.D. tubular steel with .076” sidewall, most horizontal braces are interchangeable with either junior frames or Symons heavy-duty shoring.

Symons Adjustable Screw Base Head

Is a single piece jack/base plate combination designed for leveling frames and towers and for fractional-foot height adjusting. They can be inverted and used with the 8 x 10 shore head adapter at the top of frames to gain additional height, to adjust for deck slope, or to speed stripping of formwork. Designed for use with Symons standard scaffolding, this unit can be adapted to use with heavy-duty 2-3/8” O.D. shoring frames by spacer which acts as circular shim. Adjusting screw base/head distributes leg load over a 51/4” x 9 1/2” bearing area. Total screw adjustment range is 12 3/8”

Symons Swivel Clamps

Provide the bracing stability needed for high scaffolding towers. Designed for use only with 1.69” O.D. standard scaffolding

Symons Timber Brace Clamp

Holds lumber up to 10 ½” wide to 1.69” O.D. or 2 3/8” O.D. frame legs, providing a quick, friction connection – no nails required. The timber brace clamp provides a positive attachment of lumber for bracing post shores or multi tiered towers in substitution of convention tune and clamp.

Symons Extension Frames

Easily and instantly attach to standard frames at any horizontal level. Choice of models extend working platforms at sides or ends of frames from 20” to 30”

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