Overhang Rolling Scaffold & Buggies

LETTER TO USER: Bridge Overhang Rolling Scaffold

Capacity:  This scaffold is designed for personnel use along with their tools and is not adequate to carry neither heavy equipment nor heavy materials. The suggested working capacity is 800 pounds with a 4 to 1 safety factor.

Exposure to falls:  Front protection is provided by installing the side brackets complete with horizontal rails. Note: older models were supplied with side brackets with receptacles for scaffold guard rails. The users of the older model of side brackets are responsible for providing front guard rails, mid-rails, and/or toe guards. If you want to obtain the new side brackets with rails, please contact us.

Please be very careful in the use of this equipment, especially the possibility of a fall. Personal safety lines should be used and they can be attached to the end frames at each end. Consider the need of a screening and perhaps a toe-board to avoid dropping tools and materials, etc.

Plank:  You must use “Scaffold Plank” as these are selected plank for this purpose. Planks must be secured against movement and/or winds etc. Aluminum/plywood planks (24” x 10’) will also fit the overhang scaffold.

Tie off the scaffold on a slope:  Anchor the scaffold from moving with proper lines to anchors. You can also pull the scaffold forward with a line.

Side brackets:  are made to use with two (2) pieces of 2” x 10” x 12’ plank or aluminum/plywood plank. The brackets hook onto any rung. Guard rails are included with the new side brackets (March 2011)

Extension frames:  Order either the 32” extension frames or the 72” extension frames. The extension is made to fit on the basic unit with the frames having studs located for the addition of the 10’ x 4’ crosses. The extension units are not made to use in combination i.e. don’t use 32” and a 72” together, only use one or the other.

Casters:  these green casters are special non-marring plastic casters. Black rubber casters are not recommended as they mar the concrete, often permanently.

Use with aluminum railing on parapet:  Basic unit can be made to work on most guard rails by using additional casters at the top and perhaps a modification is required.

Note:   Be aware when working over traffic. The scaffold must not extend down into traffic.

Please have your safety engineer review this apparatus to certify it is adequate for your intended use.

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