Symons Adjustable Horizontal Beams

The leading supplier of vertical concrete formwork now offers you a wide selection of Symons Horizontal Forming Systems for purchase or Rental.

  • Built-in pre-determined camber compensates for varied loading conditions.
  • Rugged, high-strength steel double lattice sections are lightweight for easy handling
  • Eliminate lumber requirement, reduces labor cots – fewer beams help to cut erection and stripping time.
  • Permits free movement of men and material on floor space below during shoring operation
  • Pre-determined  safe laid capacity eliminate guesswork
  • Permits loading of vertical supports to maximum capacity – provides greater efficiency in vertical shoring.
  • Four sizes cover the full range of 4 to 20 feet spans.

These versatile, high strength, all steel adjustable beams are specially engineered to support concrete slab forms for virtually any size deck thickness. Perfect for hand-set horizontal shoring in conduction of culverts, high-rises, hospitals, schools in countless applications.

Positive sure-grip wedge lock sets and accurately maintains required camber and beam length with just a blow of a hammer. Rapid-action locking device speeds setting and striping cycle for maximum efficiency.

Tampered for way stripping, mated bearing prongs permit convenient assembly, and provide accurate alignment on single stringers supporting adjacent rows of beams.

Optional heavy duty, plywood stapler securely fastens corners of wither 5/8” or ¾” plywood to retain movement and prevent shifting. Rubber-faced mailer and heavy-duty stapler are available for purchase or rental.

Symons Flite deck II: space, post. Perfect for multi-story construction, this new flying system offers maximum economy through high re-use. Featuring study post and cross brace construction, plus flexibility in leg spacing, the space post offers extremely rapid stripping/flying/resetting cycles.

Symons Flite Deck III: column shore jack. This complete shore jack/deck pallet combination system flies forms in minutes – saving time and labor, while providing under=floor work space. The Jack’s dual mounting holes for walls or columns offer ease of installation and adjustment and the jack is interchangeable with other standard roller jacks.

Symons Fiberglas Domeform – reusable, weatherproof, easy to clean and maintain – these new fiberglass reinforced plastic. Domeform are lightweight yet self-supporting – no special bracing required. Specially designed for use in post tensioned slabs, as well as regular reinforced slabs, Domeforms provide a smooth architectural finish that greatly reduces costly grinding operations.

Easy to use and strip fiberglass reinforced plastic. Beamforms provide excellent structural strength in the forming of cornet beams and joists. Extra-strength sandwich construction provides considerable resistant to deflection, and permits clear spans up to 12 feet.

Now featuring he patented “Drop Lock” for rapid erection and dismantling. Symons scaffolding is available with junior, standard, or heavy duty frames to meet all types of construction requirements. All end frames are made of high yield tubular steel and all joints are welded for the highest degree of stability and safety.

Symons Heavy duty shoring system offer completely interchangeable parts, adaptable to all shoring condition. With a 12,000 pound load per leg, this system is the safe, easy, and economical solution to all your shoring requirements.

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