Shore “X” Shoring System For Commercial and Bridge Construction

The fully braced adjustable shoring system

Unparalleled versatility cuts shoring costs on construction

The Shore “X” system has been designed to simplify the shoring of construction projects. The primary advantages of the Shore “X” system are its extra carrying capacity, complete range of height adjustments, the need for fewer types and sizes of components, and maximum flexibility to meet varying job conditions

Fewer types and sizes of components – only base and extension frames are used with just one size cross brace. The Shore “X” extension frame, which provides adjustments at one foot intervals, eliminates the need for odd sizes frames and crosses – cutting total number of component sizes 40%.

Carrying capacity – the recommended safe working load (based on the 2.5 to 1 safety factor recommended by the Scaffolding Shoring and Forming Institute and required by the Occupational Health & Safety Act) for Shore “X” towers using fixed screw jacks is 11, 000 pounds per leg, 44,000 pounds per tower. When swivel screw jacks are used working loads must be reduced – consult your representative.

Increases efficiency of horizontal shoring system – Shore “X” allows the tower to be of the size best suited for the desired span of the horizontal beam. The towers themselves are spaced to insure economic loading. This unparalleled versatility enables the contractor to take full advantage of both horizontal and vertical shoring systems.

Lowes labor costs – the flexibility of Shore “X” reduces the man-hours required to design, layout, supervise, and erect the shoring. Fewer towers per job means less labor per job. In addition, since al height adjustments are made with the top frames and screw jacks, crews can proceed rapidly with erection without being concerned with sorting out and grouping the many combinations of frame sizes and crosses required with conventional shoring systems.

Reduces cartage and maintenance costs – the reduced number of types and sizes of components used with Shore “X” lowers cartage and warehousing costs.

Beam and Slab – Each Shore “X” tower replaces up to 14 posts. On most installations towers are spaced under the beams with the horizontal beams or wood joists being supported by the beam sides.

Pan Joists – tower layouts on pan joist are essentially similar to those used on beam and slab jobs.

Flat Slab – Shore “X” flexibility can cut the number of towers required for flat slab work by as much as 30% and horizontal beam requirements by up to 40%. This combination of Shore “X” and horizontal beams provides the most efficient method yet devised for shoring a flat slab job.

Flat Slab with drop head – 8 legs – two erected towers – provide support required for the typical bay found with flat slab and drop head construction. Extra height adjustments, caused by the drop heads, are easily handled with the extension frame and screw jacks.

Plan and longitudinal view of Girder Bridge

Towers are spaced to take advantage of the carrying capacity of the Shore “X” system using swivel base jacks. The two base and one extension frame towers illustrated give shoring elevations from 13’8” to 19’*”.

The  extension frames is inverted and placed in the base frame to provide plumb towers on slopes. Towers placed transversely to the bridge with a continuous cap allow variable spacing of the towers and doubling o f stringers where necessary.

Frames are doubled to provide carrying capacity for road opening. Towers are closely spaced to support extra weight of bent. Ten foot towers are usually spaced 20 feet on center Four feet towers support bent with doubled frames carrying the span over the slope.

End cross braces are sue when extension frames are extended 3, 4, and 5 feet. Side cross braces are used to brace extension frames at all levels of adjustment. Placement of the side cross brace assures that he adaptor pin is properly positioned to carry the extension frame. Horizontal or diagonal bracing between towers is normally used on towers for frames or more in height.

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