Steel formed, plywood faced, heavy duty forming system designed for gang forming presents a highly flexible system for handling conduction equipments on large projects with a minimum of labor and material costs. The tightly butted plywood to plywood joint virtually eliminates concrete leakage producing an architectural finish. Versiform is compatible with the Symons systems allowing for efficient handling of special or cut-up construction. Concrete pressure and tie loads are carried y walers, not the panels, providing flexnlltiy in tie location to work around penetration, embedment’s etc.

All parts are available on a rental or purchase basis. Symons most complete application engineering service available in the industry will assist in arriving at the best solution to a forming problem eliminating the need for field layout. All formwork layout drawings and bills of material are supplied.

Advantages of using Symons Versiform system

Less labor and material costs, quicker construction, more predictable labor time resulting in more accurate estimates. Better chance to meet schedules, fewer delays lower overhead per project which means more annual profit.

  • Heavy duty steel frame combined with Symons special layup 90/30 plywood surface provides panel offering an extremely high number of reuses.
  • Availability of 20 panel sizes assures flexibility in handling pilasters and cut-up sections with standard components are available for rental or purchase
  • Tight plywood butt joints prevent concrete leakage and produce an architectural finish
  • Plywood surface allows easy placement of penetration, boxouts, and inbedments – flexible tie location.
  • Simple field or factory replacement of plywood surface for extended panel life and maximum reuse.

Symons Standard Plywood Surface

Special ¾” exterior type 90/30 HDO (High Density Overlay) grade plywood manufactured exclusively to Symons specifications provides more durability, longer like and high reuse then other HDO or B-B grades of plywood.

Surface Coating

90 pound plastic overlay is permanently fused to the plywood surface in contact with the concrete to resist moisture absorption which quickly deteriorates form faces. Provides 50% more plastic protection on the face than any other plywood made for concrete forms.

Special Edge Seal

Two coats of Aluminum Urethane seals against moisture penetration and plywood delamination, another Symons exclusive.

B-B Plywood

Exterior type general purpose utility grade surface with Symons’ edge seal. Normally used where low reuse is anticipated or where many or large penetrations will be required.

Panel Rating

All Vermiform frames are rated at 1550 psf, however the overall panel rating will depend upon the type of form face used, a follows:

  • Finnish Birch Plywood            1550 psf at L/360 deflection
  • Symons 90/30 HDO                1500 psf at L/200 deflection

1200 psf at L/270 deflection

  • B-B Plyform                                 1200 psf at L/270

Symons Gang Assembly – Panels

  • Designed as a gang system, faster assembly possible with precisely dimensioned panels and simple bolted connections
  • Availability of 20 standard panel sizes and an unlimited selection of special sizes permits modification or addition to gangs with minimum labor
  • Large panel sizes permit building gangs with fewer pieces reducing labor for assembly and handling.
  • Factory built panels eliminate need for measuring, sawing and nailing.
  • Complete systems with all accessory items, other than specials, are available for rental or purchase or any rent/purchase or nay rent/purchase combination
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