Symons Steel-Ply System

Multiple Reuse – Symons forms last for years. They can be used on a variety of jobs, helping to lower forming cots each time. It’s standard practice across the nation for contractors to get many reuses.

Adaptability – with the same set of forms, you can construct curved, battered, straight, or cut-up walls. Many contractors own a basic stock of Symons Forms, and rent a supplement supply as various job conditions warrant. You can bid on any job with Symons Forms…residential, commercial, or industrial.

Interchangeable – forms can be set horizontally or vertically. Panels can be used in any combination, side by side. Panels can be removed or replaced at any point… allows for pouring pockets and simplifies erection and striping.

Minimum Hardware – the wedge-bolt is used for any panel set-up an attaching all Symons accessories. Any tow wedge, bolts make one connecting set, or a latch-bolt is attached right to the form requiting only one wedge-bolt – resulting in increased erection and stripping efficiency.

Minimum Hardware – the wedge-bolt is used for any panel set-up and attaching all Symons accessories. Any two wedge bolts make on connecting set, or a latch bolt is attached right to the form requiring only one wedge bolt resulting in increased erection and stripping efficiency.

Tieing – ties are sued between the forms, eliminating fishing for ties. Ties can be inserted at any point – erect one side, insert ties and set-up the other side …or set up both sides at once.

Hi-strength Plastic Coated Face – the plywood in Symons Steel-Ply forms has a hi-strength plastic coated face. It is 12% stronger than standard plywood. On the working or exposed side of the form, the face has an additional plastic coating, this is standard on all forms. The effects of moisture are reduced by 40%.

System Designed For Long Life

  • Strong Steel frame – side rail yield strength in excess of 55,000 PSI. Rolled steel frame is only 2 ½” wide, makes panels lightweight and easy to store, transport.
  • High Density Plywood Face – ½” plywood can be reversed to increase form life. All edges are encased by the steel frame, maintaining their strength through many reuses.
  • Rugged Cross members – “L” shaped cross members are spaced on one-foot centers and have a yield strength in excess of 60,000 PSI.

Based on modular units, panels and fillers can be erected in any combination, horizontally and vertically. With easy hardware connections, forms can be removed or added, erected or stripped at any location.

Job Built Fillers

Fillers 12” in width or less can be built on the job using steel filler angles and ¾” plywood cut to proper size. The plywood can be attached with bolts or split rivets. Filler angles, connected with standard hardware, eliminate excess materials, cutting and trimming for odd dimensions.

All Steel Culvert Form

Symons Culvert Form is designed to permit monolithic pouring on the walls and slab of a culvert. Adaptable to both wood and material frame forms, the Culvert form eliminates the need for costly building of special forms. It is made of durable 11-gauge steel and it can be reused indefinably. No special fittings are required – only standard form hardware is needed for securing the steel section to Symons Steel-Ply forms.

The culvert form is s 4” x 4”, 6” x 6”, 9” x 9”, or 12” x 1” over all section and comes in lengths of 4’, 6’, and 8’. It provides for a 3” face on the roof slab and on the wall plus a 45” angled surge.

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