Symons Steel-Ply Concrete Forming System

Steel-ply is a pre-engineered, reusable, factory built concrete forming system that can be either handset or crane handled in large gangs. Rated at 1,000 psf, it lowers forming costs for commercial and residential building, industrial work, and heavy non-building structures such a treatment plants. It is highly versatile and the same set of forms can be used to quickly and easily form concrete straight walls, pedestals, haunches, stoops etc in single or multiple lifts.

  • Steel-Ply averages 80% faster than job built plywood formwork and two to three times faster for many cut up applications as proven by on the job productivity studies.
  • Cast in place concrete wall construction with Steel-Ply is twice as economical as cinder block type construction.
  • With high reuse, material cost per square foot of contact area is actually lower for Steel=Ply than for job built plywood forms
  • Simple, fast to erect, all you need is a hammer. Unskilled labor quickly becomes productive
  • More consistent labor performance is realized from job to job, so labor costs are more predictable.

Symons Handset

  • Less labor and fewer ties than with job built formwork and other factory built forms
  • Fewer connections, parts and man hours one simple operation connects panels and tie using same wedge bolts
  • No time wasted “fishing” for ties, ties inserts between panels in dado slots are pre-engineered, and factory built to precise tolerances.
  • Walers and Strongbacks unnecessary in some applications, ties connect to panel steel side rails.
  • Simple, fast erection and stripping, no drills, wrenches or special tools required, only a hammer

Symons Lumber Walers

  • Increase productivity and lower costs on repetitive pours, attach form panels together an move the gang with a crane
  • Easy conversion form handset to gang form, patented gang form bolts are the only additional hardware needed.
  • Easy, fast gang assembly, Symons provides gang layout drawings and jobsite training.
  • Forming versatility, gang ties limited only by handling conveniences and crane capacity.
  • Steel-Ply gangs only weigh about 6.5 pounds per square foot with hardware and lumber walers.

Symons Steel Walers

  • Almost twice the labor productivity compared with job building gangs with plywood and lumber
  • Higher capacity, load gathering steel double channel walers used vertically
  • Increase side rail effective strength about 25%, assemble panels horizontally in a staggered brickwork pattern
  • Fewer ties, less tie labor, purchase or rent reusable she-bolts or taper ties
  • Fast, easy gang assembly, Symons application engineering service includes layout drawings.

Symons Columns

  • Nearly three time faster for column forming compared with labor and material intensive job built formwork
  • Form almost any column, stem, pedestal or pad use combinations of panels, fillers, adjustable column forms, outside corners, bay corners or hanged corners.
  • Less labor, no measuring, sawing, drilling, or nailing
  • Less scrap, rent or purchase reusable Steel=Ply components
  • Fast, accurate, wedge bolt connections speed erection and stripping and help square corners
  • Fiberglass, all-steel and custom rectangular and round column forms also offered
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