Symons Max-A-Form Concrete Forming System

Plate Girder Design, Factory – Built for Construction Economy

Symons Corporation has been a single source of complete systems and accessories for the construction of concrete structures over a full range of projects: residential and commercial buildings, dams, tunnels, power plant, treatment plants, and bridges.

Through its pre-engineered lines of standard equipment and its major investments in engineering capability. Symons is able to supply a complete system at minimum cost regardless of how complicated the project. The company maintains the largest Engineering Department in the industry constantly working to develop better methods of forming and standardizing solutions to common problems. The net result is an optimum forming plan, proper equipment and supplies and the minimum forming cost.

Max-A-Form System is a pre-engineered, factory-built system which can be ganged and handles in a minimum number of crane lifts. Its 1500 psf rating and plate girder design permits it to be used where other systems cannot and lowers forming costs on all types of construction. A highly versatile system, it can be used singularly or in combination with other Symons systems to form straight wall, batter walls, culverts and conduits, Y walls, plasters, pier caps and other structures quickly and easily in single or multiple lifts.

Job-built formwork labor and material often average 30% to 50% of total concrete wall costs… with labor averaging 2-3 times material cost. It’s vital to select the most efficient and least costly forming system.

  • Max-A-Form system is completely engineered to eliminate need for contractor layout of formwork.
  • Rating of 1500 psf permits use in heavy construction and allows for high pour rates.
  • All steel construction provides long life, higher reuse and simplified multiple lifts and repetitive pours.
  • Simple modular design, pre punched for connection and alignment saves time reducing field labor cost.
  • Pre-engineered to handle even the most complicated forming requirements.
  • Plate girder Design minimizes the number of ties and the need for extensive shoring thereby reducing both material and labor costs.

A gang system of all steel plate girder design, it is widely used for a heavy construction where massive pours are required, where extensive shoring is not possible or economical, or where high pour rates are desired.

  • Panel spans its width requiring fewer ties – nominal 4’ spacing.
  • Complete factory-built modular design.
  • System rating of 1500 psf permits fast pours and heavy construction
  • Bolt patterns and adapters allow fit with other Symons systems
  • Multiple panel sizes available
  • Rigid panels require less bracing. Bolt holes match regardless of panel orientation
  • Single sizes fast thread bolts used for panel connections
  • Single sizes wrench will fit al bolt heads and buts
  • Plate girder design use on suspension structures where shoring is impractical – self supporting.
  • Heavy 3/16” steel skin plate for panel strength and smooth finish.
  • Climbing rods for quick access.
  • Slots provided easy direct coupling to Symons Steel=Ply system
  • Elongated holes for fast easy coupling of panels
  • Plate girder design permits use n allocations where continuous support or shoring is not partial.


  • All standard circular column forms are designed for 3000 psf
  • Steel inside surface assures smooth finish
  • Available in 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’, 8’ and 10’ standard lengths in the following diameters 18, 20, etc.
  • Lifting eyes facilities handling and stripping
  • Rigid design permits setting and stripping with one crane pick
  • Pre punched flanges match other Symons systems and accessories slots for direct connection to Steel-ply panels.
  • Half section can be used with Max-A-Form panels to form Bull nose columns or piers with minimum ties.
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