Symons Flying Aluminum Truss

  • Stronger than competitive steel truss, 50% lighter, high strength/weight ratio
  • No lefts or tights, tops or bottoms – rapid assembly
  • Unique, self-aligning connection bolt with special fast thread
  • Telescoping cross braces adjust truss centers to job conditions.
  • Superior rolling system speeds stripping and reset cycle
  • Variable jack spacing – 10’, 15’ or 20’ O/C
  • Splice-able chords of 5’ to 40’ in length provide most economical design for various job specifications
  • Vertical height adjustment meets most job conditions permitting uses on non-typical floors
  • Strong, lightweight companion aluminum joist maximizes table sizes without supplements shoring
  • Nationwide one source distribution system with sales and rentals
  • Nationwide network or experienced, professional engineers and technicians provide quotations, erection drawings, and field service.

Symons Steel Stakes

No matter where you drive them in soupy mud or deep snow… you still can’t miss seeing these Symons steel stakes, they’re painted red. You’ll find it easier than ever to check alignment with these bright stakes.

Symons Steel Stakes are ideal for reuse on any kind of stake work. Sidewalk forming is simple; stake drives easily without splitting or bending. Footings are no problem. The stake with its flat surface secures straight and firm with no possibility of rolling. Used for bracing, the stale has nail holes every inch to make it safe a dependable.

Symons Form Liner Concrete Surface

Offer expressive patterns and textures, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of any concrete surface. A wide selection of standard liners, plus the availability of custom patterns, provides new design freedom, perfect, and economy in architectural concrete construction. In using form liners, best results are obtained by giving special attention to sealing of grout leakage, form alignment, and concrete quality.

Forms – plastic forms can be used with any concrete forming system, however, best results will be obtained with a gang form such as Symons steel-ply or Versiform because the liner joints can be permanently aligned and sealed. If formwork misalignment is anticipated, line the formwork with ¼” grade A-C plywood before attaching the form liners, IN cold weather, be sure hat heated forms do not overheat the liners.

Staples – for the easiest application and removal, staple the form liners to a plywood form using a flat wire staple that penetrates almost the full thickness of the plywood.

Power Staplers – Symons will rent electric or pneumatic staplers to it customer. The 115V electric stapler will drive the 9/16” staple through the form liner and high-density overlaid plywood. It is necessary to use a heavy-duty extension cord with at least No. 10 wire. The pneumatic stapler will drive either the 9/16” or ¾” staples with 80 to 100PSI.

Symons Hand Set Forms

Two men working together can apply approximately 100 s.f. per hour of thermoformed form liners to a vertical form, and approximately 80 s.f. per hour of the extruded type form liners.

Tilt-up and Pre-cast installation time for this type of formwork depends mostly on job conditions and the shape of the form.

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