Symons Aluminum Beam System

Symons Aluminum beam system lowers your cots for labor, material, and scrap for flying or handset concrete deck forming. Symons Aluminum beam system for joist or stringer applications combines ultra lightweight highs strengths and several functional design features on which patents are pending.

The Symons Aluminum Beam System has achieved man-hour savings in the range of 25% to 40% on typical low-rise deck forming in certified laboratory tests. Symons Aluminum Beam proved

Used in combination with Symons Heavy-duty shoring, this system has proven on the job to be fast to erect, take down, and move. It is so lightweight one man handle lengths up to 20 feet. It weighs only 4 pounds/feet

It has at least 50% fewer pieces to handle than the conventional forming setup with wood 4 x 4’s, 4 x 6’s, jacks wedges and bracing. Its’ assembly and disassembly have been proven on the job to be readily leaned even by crews unfamiliar with this system. An important feature is a unique clamp which permits rapid attachment to flanged stringers, truss chords, sleepers, etc.

Te Symons Aluminum Bean can be reused many times; therefore contractors’ material cps tar reduced. It is extruded form high strength alloy aluminum and has a symmetrical shape and wide stiffened flanges to proved stiffness and stability. It can rigidly support a full 405 pound per lineal foot on a 10 foot span at L/360 deflection. See load charts at left for ratings for various joist or stinger applications.

Since it is made from aluminum, it retains its strength over its useful life and has no knots, splintering, rotting or other problems associated with wood which might diminish it strengths from 8 foot to 30 foot in 2 foot increments and its length can be incrementally extended with an accessory aluminum extension assembly to meet various job conditions. The beam has as section height of 7.25 inch, which is the same as dressed 8 inch lumber, which allows intermixing with wood joists for special connections or certain forming conditions such as balconies and stairways.

Because of these features, the Symons Aluminum Beam System’s initial cost is amortized over many reuses, so the material cost per use is lower that for wood systems.

The Symons Aluminum Beam System reduces scrap disposal costs because these beams are fabricated forma high strength, homogenous metal which won’t splinter or rot. Therefore the system can be reused on other jobs rather than scrapped. For attaching plywood decking, the system uses inexpensive plywood strips that will not split or come out, rather than more expensive lumber. Unlike, wood, the aluminum Beam will not deteriorate from rotting, freeze thaw cycles, insect or vermin damage or fire, therefore, it can be easily stored.

The Symons beam System can be rented form Symons for short-term application, thus eliminating scrap or storage costs due to limited work volume.

The Symons Aluminum Beam System provides a greater element of safety than wood. It has a known safety factor of 2.0 minimum, certified by test, which does not diminish with age or use.

Furthermore, the beam provides this safety factor uniformly throughout its length, because the material is homogenous, and the section is uniform. The beam is not susceptible to a reduced safety factor due to knotholes, splintering, rotting, or other factors associated with wood. The beam is also fires resistant.

The Symons Aluminum Beam is a 10’ section weights 40 pound compared to 70 pound for a wood 4 x 10 of comparable capacity, so it is lighter and more safely handled. Furthermore, the 5 inch wide aluminum beam is much less likely to roll over while men are installing the decking.

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