Meva’s Innovation in Facing 100 % Wood-Free

The patented all-plastic facing is a polypropylene sandwich construction (layer 1 and 3) reinforced by a thin aluminum foil (layer 2).

The facing is resistant to UV-rays, climatic influences, on-site chemicals, swelling or shrinking. It doesn´t rot and cannot decay. Above all, it´s repairable and completely recyclable. The facing can be pre-bent and joined to form large or special forming sheets or draped over wooden forming constructions like a carpet.

The all-plastic facing puts an end to plywood waste in formwork. The introduction of the world´s first 100 % wood-free facing heralded the beginning of a new age in formwork. It was the result of years of intense research, development, and testing.

MEVA is the first formwork supplier to employ this new technology in all of its products, all over the world.

The facing lasts as long as the frame: the end of re-facing costs

Replacing worn-out plywood sheets is now a thing of the past. No more waste. No more chemical coatings that make disposal dangerous and expensive. No more C02-emissions caused by transporting panels to and fro.

Besides offering better quality, the all-plastic innovation saves time and money.

The advantages

  • No swelling and shrinking
  • Nailable like plywood
  • No re-facing – no hidden costs
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Repairable using the same material
  • Better concrete finish

These benefits add up to a huge advantage on the construction site. What´s more, the facing needs less release agent, reducing the use of chemicals and achieving fair-faced, architectural concrete finish first time, every time. Research shows: the all-plastic facing is the only facing that delivers architectural concrete in a used (rental) condition
















Guaranteed Worldwide.


Scientific evidence Investigating the ecological balance of the all-plastic facing, scientists at the Biberach College in Germany came to the following conclusion: Considering all the resources needed to produce the facing – including energy and material use on the construction site – the alkus all-plastic facing beats plywood ecologically with ease. After being replaced just four times, plywood is no longer ecologically feasible.


Consider that formwork panels with all-plastic facing have survived upward of 1000 re-uses, the environmental issue may be regarded as a closed case. “Comparing Formwork Facing Sheets“, May 2005. Thesis by René Wolleydt, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Science, College of Biberach, with Prof. Dr. Heinz, Nelskamp, Dr. Olaf Leitzbach Scientific research concludes that the following criteria best show how the innovative all-plastic facing affects processes on the construction site:


  • Energy balance: proven positive
  • Lifespan: nearly unlimited
  • Recycling: 100 %
  • Repairable, using same material
  • Cleaning without chemicals
  • Cleaning on site saves transport
  • Certified regeneration procedure with strict environmental standards
  • Re-usability: unlimited
  • Zero waste, no dangerous waste
  • No re-facing.
  • No more plywood waste.

Protects resources

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