Apartment Parking Garage, Castro Valley, California
Rental of Shore “X” 11K Shoring

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This 30,000 square foot one level parking structure was formed all at one time to meet the schedule and assist in the post-tensioning requirements.

Shoring was provided with the top deck stringers and joist comprised of 6.5” aluminum joists all provided by Construction Enterprises Inc. A plywood deck surface was provided by Langon Development Co.

The shoring layout provided for changes in grade in the bottom deck, column drop heads and shear walls at 45° angles to the building.

Access ways were provided for the contractors forklift and also for the concrete placing pumps.

The outside perimeter balconies were support by Construction Enterprises Inc. own 42” bridge overhang brackets bolted through the concrete exterior walls. The 6.5” aluminum joists were placed longitudinally with plywood decking.

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