Box Culvert

EFCO Box Culvert

Plate Girder Style                 96 l.f. (12 sections @ 8’ long)

The form adjusts from 7 to 10 feet wide. Our plate girders are for the inside walls of a double for the original set up of 7’ high by 48’ long. You can increase or decrease height by adding or subtracting plate girders to the walls. I’m not sure what the height limit is before it impacts the size of the fillets and wheels. They are pretty heavy duty.

When using the box forms, we always gave EFCO our parts list and the plans for the project so that they could do a design drawing for us and rent us whatever missing pieces were needed to customize the forms to the job. By doing this we really saved a lot of rental cost and still got the benefit of EFCO’s design group. It is very cost efficient to help on curved boxes – also a big advantage.

These forms could supply a lot of the required pieces an parts if wider EFCO headers were tented.

EFCO Box Culvert
EFCO Box Culvert

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