DS Heavy Formwork

Dayton Superior D4 Hex Coupler nut

Steel hex coupling nuts are used to splice D1 inside tie e rods. Threads are tight hand national course and will accept standard machine bolts. In order to develop the rated load you must make certain that you have equal engagement of the inside threaded rods or bolts. Hex coupling nut is not provided with a center stop.

Dayton Superior D24 Adjustable Weld Angle Bracket

The D24 adjustable weld angle bracket offers maximum adjustability in one sided forming applications. This bracket offers a full 110 degrees movement – 55 degrees in either direction. Designed to climate the unsafe practice of field bending of coil rods or bolts. The weld angle bracket is attached to HP shapes, W shapes, continuous steel piling, or other steel structural embers by filed welding each leg of the angle bracket to the steel structure. As preheat or other quality control procedures may be required to develop a sound weld, it is recommended the user contact his local welding supply dealer for assistance in determining the required welding procedures.

Dayton Superior B-31 Rock Anchor

The use of the Rock anchor in sound rock or concrete allows one side forming of walls and similar applications to be completed fat and economically. The rock anchor is a preassembled two part unit tapped with 1/2”, 1/3”, or 1” coils threads. Rock anchors tapped with NC threads are available on special order. The rock anchor is threaded on to the coil rod until the rod touches the “back stop” of the rock anchor. The plastic retainer sleeve must be removed before installing. The assembly is them installed so that the anchor’s back stop is at the bottom of the hole. By tightening the coil rod, the anchor expands and wedges tight.

Dayton Superior D-9 Taper Tie

The taper tie system is a versatile forming system which is completely reusable; no expandable parts are left behind in the hardened concrete. Features quick assembly and fast stripping. Feed through installation permits both side forms to be in place before ties are installed.

Taper ties will wear and much be continually inspected and replaced when wear or damage is noted. To facilitate removal of the taper ties form the hardened concrete coat with waterproof grease before installation. Pother lengths available on special order.

Dayton Superior A58 Sure Plug

The sure plug is easily pushed into a hole specified depth by using the A59 insetion tool. Pushing against the bottom of the blind center hole of the plug forces the plug’s oversize body to elongate as it enters the hole. When the pushing force is stopped, the plug elastically returns towards its original diameter creating a high radial pressure against the walls of hole. When properly installed the A58 sure plug will withstand a hydrostatic pressure equal to approximately a 70 foot liquid head of water. Tests repot is available on request.

As the plug is gray colored to blend with concrete, it may be positioned flush with the concrete face; or recessed, depending on the architectural effect desired.

When recessed, the sure plug may also serve as backing for flush or recessed grouting. Ribs inside the plug are designed to anchor the grout.

Dayton Superior Insertion tool

Used to insert A58 sure plugs flush with face of concrete or recessed to various depths.

Dayton Superior D-25 Fitting UP Bolts and D-26 Fitting Up Nuts

Special fitting up bolts and nuts are used for securing steel form panels together – available in ¾” diameter x 2” long. The tapered nose of the bolt acts as a drift pin and helps align the forms. The thread design and clearances between the nut and bolt permits quick assembly and dismantling of the forms. The open thread design permits concrete to be easily knocked out of the threads.

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