Dayton Superior Light Formwork

Dayton Superior Snap Tie Standard

The Dayton Superior snap ties, standard is produced with either hot forged or cold formed heads, depending on the manufacturing process used. Both processes create a strong head integral with the snap tie wire. Dayton Superior sap ties are provided with a nominal 1” break back as standard with ½” or ¼” break backs available on special order. Longer break backs are also available, however, due to the increased bond stress between the concrete and the snap tie. Dayton Superior cannot guarantee that loose washer snap ties with break backs over 1” will consistently provide proper break back.

Dayton Superior Snap Tie Heavy

The Dayton Superior snap tie, heavy is used when a higher capacity snap tie is required. This tie is produced with a cold formed head and has either a flat or a crimp as an anti-turn feature.

Dayton Superior Sure-Snap Hex Head Snap Tie

The Dayton Superior Sure-Snap hex head snap tie is produced with a high quality, uniform shaped hot forged hexagonal head. This six-sided head permits breaking back of short L&W ties while the formwork is still in place.

Dayton Superior Hex Head Snap Tie Socket

A socket is used along with a standard socket wrench to break back Sure-snap hex head snap ties

Dayton Superior Threaded Pull Out Tie

The Dayton Superior threaded pull out tie is manufactured without any break backs or anti-turn features, permitting the tie to be removed with 2” of thread. Nuts are supplied when internal spreaders are to be used. Dayton Superior tie is to be coated with form release agent or water resistant grease by used before concrete is placed.

Dayton Superior Spandrel Point Tie

The Dayton Superior spandrel point holds the outside top end of concrete beam forms. One end is bent 90 degrees and a chisel point is cut on the wire. This end is driven thru the form deck and info the joists. Good practice dictates driving a 1 ¼” long fence staple over the tie within 1” of the bend. Break backs is the same as standard ties. The Dayton Superior spandrel point tie can be made with any type of plastic.

Dayton Superior Spandrel Hook Tie

The Dayton Superior hook tie is designed to secure light beam forms to structural steel spandrel beams when fireproofing is required. The Dayton Superior hook end of the tie fits over the beam flange and is tack welded to the underneath side. The Dayton Superior hook is available with any type of spreader washer or plastic cones.

Dayton Superior Spandrel Plate Tie

The application of the spandrel plate tie is the same as the spandrel point tie. The only difference being the use of four 6d nails which are f=driven thru the steel plate and into the plyform and joists. May be ordered with metal spreader washers of plastic cones.

Dayton Superior Tip to tip tie, Standard or heavy

The tip to tip tie is basically a standard or heavy tie without spreaders or break backs. It is used for those applications, where the tie is no t required to be embedded in the concrete. Typical applications include; external ties for small columns. Top ties or corner ties for wall forms.

Dayton Superior Heavy Steel Wedge

The design of the heavy steel wedge has sufficient strength to safely support the rated load of all Dayton Superiors standard or heavy snap ties.

Dayton Superior Plastic

A plastic cone can be added to snap ties and loop ties. The cones are designed to act as a positive spreader for the forms, aid in reducing grout leakage and makes breaking back snap ties easier. Recommended for use when construction specifications require a nominal or longer break back.






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