Dayton Superior Jahn A bracket

The Jahn A bracket is made of high strength steel with cadmium eccentric and painted body resulting in a high quality rust resistant bracket. The 5/8” take up of the eccentric compensates for minor lumber size variations. Minimum job skills are required for erection or stripping of formwork using the Jahn A bracket. It can be used to hold a loose single 2” x 4” as a horizontal wale or as a vertical stud.

Jahn A brackets when properly installed are the only brackets that will not vibrate loose from the internal vibration of the concrete. The Jahn A bracket can be installed either before or after walers are in place. The slots in the bracket allow it to easily slip over the snap tie end elimating laborious threading through a hole. Pressure of the bracket body is against the 2” x 4” instead of the plywood.

The Jahn A bracket can be used for any type of wall forms – round, curved, battered, beams and/or columns, the durable Jahn A bracket and the forming components may be used repeatedly. Utilizes 4 ¾” L&W snap ties for economy of construction. No nailing, economical, fast – reduces labor and lumber cost – so simple, one person can set up or strip.

Dayton Superior Jahn C bracket

The Dayton Superior Jahn C bracket is used to attach vertical Strongbacks for formwork alignment. Made of the same materials as the Jahn A bracket, this bracket is designed for use with single 2×4 studs, double 2×4 wales, and 8 ¼” L&W snap ties. The eccentric securely holds formwork while compensating for minor variations in lumber sizes. The C bracket and double wales can also be used to support a horizontal plywood joint.

Dayton Superior Cornerlock

The Jahn Cornerlock is used at outside corners to secure the 2×4 walers. Only two nails are needed for attachment, while barbed plates grip the side of the 2×4 for positive non-slip action. The locking handle has a “Cam action,” drawing the wales together at true right angles. No special tools are needed for wither installation or stripping. Combine with Jahn A brackets for sturdy, quick wall or column erection.

Dayton Superior Jahn Scaffold Jack

A Jahn scaffold jack is a one piece, all steel unit, designed to fir 24” x 24”, 16” x 24” tie, and wale spacing’s. This jack has a built in guard-rail receptacle and is designed to hold two 2×10 planks for a comfortable working platform. Space jacks at 8’-0” maximum centers.

The horizontal rod slides easily through the body of the A bracket for support, with the long end being installed first, Nail holes are provided for securing the jack to both the top and bottom support wales.

Dayton Superior Jahn Tie Extender

The Jahn tie extender converts 4 ¾” (short) L&W snap ties into 8 ¼” (long) L&W snap ties. Combined with Jahn C brackets and 2×4’s, vertical Strongbacks can be erected any where on wall form. Short L&W/Long L&W count is eliminated. Short L&W ties may be ordered for entire job – resulting in job flexibility and cost savings.

Dayton Superior Jahn Footing Clip

A Jahn footing clips may be used in place of 2×4 plate. Clips are spaced at 2’-0” maximum centers. A-22 spreader clips may also be used.

Dayton Superior Jahn Ply Holder

The Jahn ply holder is a true nail eliminator. This unit is designed to old plywood panels in place temporality while forms are being erected.

WARNING: The Jahn scaffold bracket is not designed to support concrete construction loads.

Designing is based on all formwork members being continuous over 4 or more supports

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