Dayton Superior Heavy Formwork

Coil tie as spreader and tie

The coil tie can be used as a combination tie ad n form spreader where it is not necessary to keep the ends of the coil tie back of the wall face as show n above. If a considerable number of reuses of formwork is contemplated, standard cut washers should be used at the ends of the ties to protect the formwork face.

Dayton Superior Wing nut cast, coil thread

The B-39 wing nut is made of ductile iron and can be used for ay application requiring quick removal and application of a nut.

Dayton Superior Flat washer

  • for use with all size and types of bolts and coil rods
  • made from carbon steel
  • the b-11 washer is designed for a maximum space between wales not to exceed bolt diameter play ½”

Dayton Superior Batter Washer

Batter washers are sued when the wales are at an angle to the ties. Permits any angle form 90 degrees to 45 degrees. For use with b-39 wing nut, cast. Nail holes are provided for securing to wood form members.

Dayton Superior Handle Coil Nut

The b-32 handle coil nut is a b-13 hex coil nut which has a wire loop handle to it. It is designed for use in situations which requires the quick application or removal of a nut. Speeds up installation and stripping of formwork.

Dayton Superior Nut Washer

The nut washer combines the advantage of a whaser and nut into a one piece iron unit. Designed to spread tie loads over wood form members. It has four nail holes for securing the nut washer of the form work. D-6 nut washer used with d-2 she bolts and b-27 is used with any ½”, ¾”, 7/8” or 1” coil threaded items.

Dayton Superior She bolts

The she bolt form tie system is one of the most versatile form hardware systems produced for use with large “crane handled” or “ganged forms.” Using a nut washer or wing nut on the threaded external end of the she bolt allows this system to be used on a wide range of different formwork thicknesses. Inexpensive  expendable inside tie rods are used, allowing the she bolt assembly to be passed through the forms after both form sides have been set in place.

She bolts are designed to be reused – but they do wear and must be continually inspected and replaced when wear or damage is noted. A waterproof grease should be applied to that portion of the she bolt which will be embedded in the concrete – this will facilitate the removal of the she bolt from the hardened concrete. Special lengths are available on special orders.

Dayton Superior Inside Tie Rod

Inside tie rods are sued with the she bolt to provide a highly adaptable forming system. The inside tie rods are made from high carbon steel with coil threads. National coarse threads can be provided on special order.

The correct inside tie rod length is determined by subtracting the total required setback (both sides) from the wall thickness. Flats are available to prevent turning of the inside tie rods in the concrete and are recommended for wall thickness of 24” or less.

Dayton Superior Closed Coupler

The d-32 closed coupler is available with coil threads for use with d-1 and d-18 inside tie rods or b-12 coil rod. The coil threads have been tapped from each end of the coupler providing a positive stop at the center of the coupler. In order to develop the rated load, the inside tie rods or coil rods must be threaded into the coupler until they reach the stop.

Ad-32 closed coupler for ¾” diameter inside tie rod will engage a tie rod in the cavity let be a she bolt. Can be used for anchorage or to form a second pour.















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