Dayton Superior C-49 & C-49D Versatile Bridge Overhang Brackets

Dayton Superior C-49 versatile bridge overhang brackets can be space father apart than tother available brackets because of the high load carrying capacity of the C-49. These maximum brackets spacing are achieved in combination with Dayton Superiors heavy duty pres-steel hangers.

The c-49 versatile bridge overhang bracket features maximum adjustability to meet the overhang forming requirements of both steel and precast prestresed concrete bridge beams. The 22’ of adjustment provided by the diagonal leg combined with the 20” of adjustment in the increments of 2” allows for maximum versatile in overhang formwork design. Adjustment is easily accomplished using one 1.2” – 13 NC bolt and nut per leg meeting ASTM specification A449. The adjusting nit controls 21” of vertical movement at the outboard end of the bracket to handle the various slopes encountered on bridge overhangs. Overhang brackets set ¼” to ½” above finished grade allows for dead laid deflections. If required, final adjustment to grade may be made during the placement of concrete. The adjusting nut also allows the C-49 overhang bracket to be adjusted downward for easier stripping of the overhang formwork.
The c-54 bridge overhang extender is designed to provide an additional 17” of horizontal working surface. Two optional guardrail receptacles are available. The c-52 guardrail receptacles receive a 2 x 4 vertical guardrail post, while the c-53 guardrail receptacle is designed to receive a 2 x 6 vertical guardrail post. The c-51 wall plate assembly is an optional device for direct attachment of the c-49 versatile bridge overhang bracket to inserts that have been cast into the walls of precast concrete box girders.
The c-49 overhang bracket can be adjusted for use on all types of precast perstressesd concrete beams. The legs are adjusted to fit the shape of the beam. No longer is wood blocking required between the web of the concrete beam and the end of the bracket.
The legs of the c-49 versatile bridge overhang bracket have been designed so that the vertical height of the bracket can be varied from 30” to 50”. Geerneally, the longer the vertical leg, the farther apart the brackets may be spaced.
The c-49 versatile bridge overhang bracket for deep girders is basically the same as the c-49 bracket except it has longer legs. The vertical leg adjusts from 50” to 70” in height-50 Adjustable Bridge Overhang Bracket
Providing a fast method of forming overhangs on bridges, the Dayton Superior C-50 bridge overhang bracket permits wide spacing and can be used over and over. This adjustable bracket has 21” of vertical adjustments at the outboard end permitting changes in the bracket angle to handle various slopes of overhang. Any haunch condition can also be easily accommodated with this bracket.
This bracket may be adjusted for use on most types of precast/prestressed concrete beams. Holes are provided in the vertical leg for easy attachment of any required temporary blocking or nailing strips.
The c-49 conversion kit consists of new top and bottom diagonal and vertical as well as the necessary bolts and nuts required to convert your c-50 bridge overhang bracket into the new style c-49 bracket.
The c-59d conversion kit also consist of new top and bottom diagonal and vertical legs and the necessary bolts and buts required to convert your c-50 or c-49 bridge overhang brackets into he new style c-49 bracket. All that is required to ake these conversions is to remove the present legs from c-50 horizontal member and bolt on the c-59 or c59d legs resulting a more versatile overhang bracket.

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