Dayton Superior Bridge Overhang Brackets C-49 and C-49D

The C-49 and the C-49D are on of the most multitalented overhang bracket they sell. The C-49D versatile bridge overhang bracket for deep girders is basically the same as the C-49 bracket, except it has longer legs. The vertical leg adjusts form 50” to 70” in height.

The legs of the C-49 versatile bridge overhang bracket have been designed so that the vertical height of the bracket can be varied from 30” to 50”. Generally, the longer the vertical leg, the father apart the brackets may be spaced.

For most bridges the Dayton Superior C-49 adaptable bridge overhang bracket can be spaced farther apart than many brackets today. This is due to their high load caring capacity of the C-49. This will maximize the bracket spacing and achieve in combination with Dayton Superiors Heavy Duty Pres-steel hangers.

The C-49 versatile bridge overhang bracket, like all adjustable three member overhang brackets is a statically indeterminate structure and as such has a variable safe working load. This safe working load is a function of the bracket’s vertical height, support location as well as joist spacings and loadings. Dayton Superior has conducted extensive tests on full size bridge beams and from these tests developed influence factors for various loading conditions.

The C-49 bracket may be shipped “knocked down” for ease in handling and shipping when requested. Final connections are easily made when the bracket is being adjusted to fit a project’s particular overhang requirements. The bracket is extremely durable, and will withstand ordinary field use. It is economical to maintain since, in the unlikely event of field damage to the main horizontal member or legs, only the damaged part needs to be replaced.

The C-49 flexible bridge overhang bracket features maximum adjustability to meet the overhang forming requirements for both steel and precast prestressed concrete bridge beams. The 22 inches of adjustment provided by the diagonal leg combined with the 20” of adjustment in the vertical leg, both adjustable in increments of 2”, allows for maximum versatility in overhang formwork design. Adjusting nut controls 21” of vertical ½” – 13 NC Bolt and Nut per leg meeting ASTM Specifications A449. The adjusting nut controls 21” of vertical movement at the outboard end of the bracket to handle the various slopes encountered on bridge overhangs. Overhangs brackets set ¼” to ½” above finished grade allows for dead load deflections. If required, final adjustment to grade may be made during the placement of concrete. The adjusting nut also allows the C-49 overhang bracket to be adjusted downward for easier stripping of the overhang formwork.

The C-49 overhang bracket can be adjusted for use on all types of precast/prestressed concrete beams. The legs are adjusted to fit the shape of the beam. No longer is wood blocking required between the web of the concrete beam and the end of the bracket. Several states have experienced twisting and bending of exterior bridge beams when short vertical height brackets have been used to support the bridge deck overhang formwork. The vertical height of the C-49 versatile bridge overhang bracket can be easily adjusted over a 20” range so that construction loads are transferred from the brackets heel plate close to the intersection of the beam’s web and flange. Transfer of loads in this manner reduces the twisting or bending of the beam.

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