Bectel Power

Russell City Power, Hayward, CA
25K Vertical Steel Shoring
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Construction Enterprises Inc. has provided to Bechtel Power Corp over 1,000 frames of  25K shoring frames and accessories for the Russell City Power Plant in Hayward, California.

The elevated concrete slab is 8’- 6” thick at 30 feet above the foundation pedestal. The shoring consists of 4’ x 4’ footprint towers. The shoring legs are on spacing of approximately four foot on center.

Screw jacks are provided on top and bottom for adjustment in grading and stripping. Horizontal tubing and wedge clamps are used for intermediate bracing.

The top deck forming stringers and joist are supplied by Construction Enterprises Inc. which are made of W8 x 10 steel beams and 6.5” aluminum joists. A double layer of ¾” plywood provides the top surface.

The 25K shoring frames were pre-assembled on the ground and lifted into place by a crane, thus saving in the handling and erection time and labor.

This forming and shoring project was a joint venture of Meva Forming and Construction Enterprises Inc. Meva provided their Imperial forms for the columns and the perimeter wall forms for the top deck forming.

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