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Peri Skydeck

Peri Materials All in good condition

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“C” Hooks
Standard & extended


Universal Tripod, table swivel heads (middle, upper * lower)

MRK 296 – 940 pieces

Garage Beam Walers 
URZ 150/190, crosshead spindles (screw jacks with forks to use in the saddle beams

Peri Skydeck Aluminum Panel Slab Formwork

Depending upon your slab thickness and strength of the concrete, Peri Skydeck drop head system allows for striking to be accomplished in only one day.

By using a hammer the drop head is released which then causes the formwork to fall 60 mm (panels and main beams). The panels can be sorted quickly from the concrete and immediately re-used for the next phase.

Only one prop is required per slab area of 3.45 m for thickness up to 40 cm, therefore reducing materials requirements. This not only saves time and money but is simplifies the transportation of formwork materials.

Peri Skydeck panels and main beams have self-draining edges, as well as the main beams, are undercut. This insures that cleaning is minimized and decreases shuttering times.

The Skydeck guarantees a straight support line the at end of the formwork.

Easy to clean – The main beam complete with plastic rack lies protected under the panels – cleaning the girder side is not required. Parts have self-draining edges and are powder-coated.

Fewer slab parts – Skydeck’s main beam reduces the number of props. Only 0.30 props per square metre of slab is required. Fewer props save time and leave more space during forming.

Peri Pallets and Transport Containers

One considerable expense for all contractors is freight. Not only is there loading and unloading, moving and storing but increased labor costs and risk for the employees. Peri pallets and transport containers provide sale and cost-effective logistics in all areas.

Slab Props (Multiprop)

In every project there are many different requirements which affects a contractor’s choice in selecting a slab formwork system to utilize. Peri offers slab props made of steel and aluminum which contributes to their low weight, user friendliness, and high bearing capacity

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